Katja Stelz
1960 Born in Kerpen
1981–1983 Trained as a handweaver in Wangen/Allgäu and Siegen, obtained her journeywoman’s certificate
1985–1987 Textile design, University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Hanover
1992–1999 Studio in Osnabrück
Since 2002 Studio in Palingen
2016–2018 Hessian State Prize 2016, Prize of the Zeughausmesse 2018

Katja Stelz

Katja Stelz’s textile design is convincing thanks to its timelessly modern aesthetics and elegance. Drawing upon a rich treasury of traditional artisanal techniques, she uses a handloom to weave woolen blankets, carpets and pillows for modern living environments. The interconnections among materials, textures, graphic clarity and subtle colors give her textiles distinctive structures, a sensual feel and an elegant aura. The character is distinguished by contrasts between pale and dark hues, a meticulously balanced palette of colors, and an exciting interplay between clearly composed plane and complex patterns. Katja Stelz achieves this by painstakingly selecting the weaving techniques to complement the particular qualities of the various materials. The Rat für Formgebung (Style Council) nominated her “Beta” carpet  for the German Design Award of 2015. 2018 was followed by the nomination of the carpet “Burton”.

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